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may 6

May 6, 2009




i’m sharing some shots from the diana+ today. these images all look vintage to me, as if they could’ve been taken 25 years ago.  [and for some really inspiring diana photos, you should head over to see jen’s good stuff at americana. perfect.]

three things i’m liking today…
+ the album “grand” by the brooklyn band matt and kim.  you can listen to (and download) my current favorite track, ‘daylight’ HERE (it has gotten me through this very rainy week in nyc).
+ the wonderful photos from japan on a new favorite blog, jollygoo.
+ the personable tone and inspiring recipes and ideas at plate to plate.

i hope your day is a good one.

  1. May 6, 2009 7:57 am

    the day is good. i’ve been watching for a while now and Diana made me speak:)

  2. May 6, 2009 8:02 am

    Yes, very vintage-like. I am loving airplane shots lately. Thanks for the linking. And the jollygoo blog…wow.

  3. May 6, 2009 8:24 am

    jollygood is wonderful. thank you!

  4. May 6, 2009 9:30 am

    Now I HAVE to move to Japan. Thanks a lot, Brian. And I had the week all planned out.

    [so good, you and Diana]

  5. Jean Prescott permalink
    May 6, 2009 9:47 am

    Thanks so much for the great links, jollygoo in particular. My kind of photos.

  6. May 6, 2009 9:48 am

    Hi, Brian! Longtime listener, first time caller.
    Great links today. Thanks so much, especially for Plate to Plate.
    By the way, your photographs are so beautiful; really inspirational for a wannabe like myself.

  7. May 6, 2009 9:56 am

    I love these! Yes, beautiful images from a time past – isn’t it wonderful how dianas do that?

  8. May 6, 2009 10:23 am

    Oh! Thanks so much for the link, Brian!

  9. May 6, 2009 10:28 am

    Peaceful, foghorn kind of day in Seattle. Thanks for the links – I’ll check out Jollygood and Plate to Plate. Hope you’re having a nice day.

  10. katie permalink
    May 6, 2009 10:30 am

    lovely photographs as always. quick question – where do you buy film for your diana in nyc? just got a diana myself, but still need film for it…

  11. May 6, 2009 11:23 am

    You’ve had the best links lately-thanks!
    Your Diana shots are gorgeous….

  12. May 6, 2009 12:17 pm

    Brian, I’m all for you getting a Polaroid and stuff… but I secretly think you should just keep shooting with the Diana. Look at these. SO GOOD.

  13. Annemarie permalink
    May 6, 2009 1:01 pm

    The middle photograph is of Gudadalupe St. in Austin, TX. That tile shop is still there, still closed. A very serene image of an otherwise very busy street. Beautiful.

  14. May 6, 2009 9:54 pm

    great links! i adore jollygoo. can’t wait to explore it more when i have more time. love your diana shots! love that light leak on the bottom one.

  15. Jeffrey permalink
    May 7, 2009 9:09 am

    modern transportation. dated retail outlit. cattle. what an interesting collection/post. very intriguing contrast of images. i also like the vintage coloring.

  16. June 1, 2009 11:37 am

    i came so so close to buying a diana in tokyo. i ended up with a 4-frame little camera instead :) these are fantastic brian.

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