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November 2, 2012



Prospect Park, October (top)
Somewhere above the NY harbor (bottom)

. . . . . .

There are still many people who really need our help after Hurricane Sandy.  It is becoming clear that the struggle is just beginning for many people.

Here is a partial list of things you can do to help.

Or perhaps a donation to the Red Cross for Disaster Relief?

And if you are in Brooklyn, then Mociun and Pilgrim Surf Supply are collecting mens, womens and childrens clothing and shoes, bedding, towels, undergarments, and socks. They will be delivering these to the community out in the Rockaways on Saturday and Sunday. Bring items to one of the following locations:
++ MOCIUN – 224 Wythe Ave at the corner of N4th
++ Pilgrim Surf + Supply – 68 N. 3rd Street at the Corner of Wythe Ave
++ Thousands of Picnics – 171 S. 4th Street

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  1. November 3, 2012 7:12 pm

    Beautiful shots and, as you say, so much help is needed . . .

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