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April 24, 2013


I am so, so excited to finally share my new portfolio website with you today! After a lot of hard work, it’s now live.


Check it out, spread the word, and thanks for your support!


  1. Kiki permalink
    April 24, 2013 10:15 am

    looks BEAUTIFUL – and ‘enfin’ a question I wanted to ask many times. I meant to buy your book in Paris and wrote several times to the bookshop (mails) – they never bothered to reply and therefore I missed out on the 500 initial copies you had printed. Are you planning a ‘re-print’ at all?

    • April 24, 2013 10:16 am

      And we’re not going to print a 2nd edition of Quality of Life, sorry…

  2. April 24, 2013 10:22 am

    Wow, gorgeous!

  3. April 24, 2013 10:26 am

    Looks great mate!

  4. April 24, 2013 10:46 am

    It looks SO good. Love the way you’ve organised the collections as well.

  5. April 24, 2013 10:52 am

    I can almost feel the air flows through ur blog.
    Loving and enjoying ur visual fluency with every new post.

  6. April 24, 2013 11:04 am

    Congratulations and thank you for all your beautiful work!

  7. moo permalink
    April 24, 2013 11:34 am

    Love your work. Your new portfolio looks amazing! Your hard work paid off for sure.

  8. April 24, 2013 5:15 pm

    Love your work!
    It´s Amazing.

  9. April 25, 2013 1:39 am

    Congratulations ! The website looks great.

  10. April 25, 2013 1:43 am

    It looks great and is so easy to navigate. I really like the thumbnail view.

  11. April 25, 2013 2:00 am

    sick! congrats. it looks amazing and well worth the effort.

  12. April 25, 2013 6:37 am

    so many glowing pictures in one place – nice work brian.

  13. April 28, 2013 2:56 am

    This a beautiful site! I especially love the combinatinon of the three photos in the front page.

  14. April 30, 2013 11:43 am

    looks great, Brian!

  15. May 1, 2013 2:56 am

    Wonderful! I absolutely love your work and it’s great to see it all come together on your site!

  16. May 1, 2013 3:37 am

    Absolutely love the site and your work! Congrats!

  17. May 3, 2013 9:30 pm

    brian! your new site looks so beautiful. congratulations!!

  18. Jimjam permalink
    June 8, 2013 4:43 pm

    What a site for sore eyes! I love the first three shots and the overview is a great idea – I think still your travel shots are my favourites – just came across your white cliffs of Dover ( literally ) – this would look fantastic large – was it as you saw it?? every bit of it is stunning. This site will do you so well!

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