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Studio visit – Small Trade Company, San Francisco

























































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While I was in San Francisco in February, I was lucky to spend some time in the studio with Matt Dick, the brilliant guy behind Small Trade Company. My friends Marco and Heidi introduced me to Matt, and I am very thankful they did.

Matt’s studio is located in a bright, airy warehouse space which he has set up to serve a variety of purposes. On one side he has a studio/office and a small showroom of sorts. Here he can show clients the work he does – but even more importantly, you get a real sense of Matt’s aesthetic and eye from visiting this space. You can see this in the photos above – items such as books, tearsheets, objects, Matt’s work, ceramics, flowers, art and more, arranged in ways that really blew my mind. Matt’s vision and aesthetic is singular, unique, refined, and purposeful.

You see how this translates into the objects he makes, like textiles, bags and accessories. Most of these items are fabricated on the other side of his studio, where sewing machines and cutting tables are set up and piled with work in progress. Back in February, there was a 3rd part of the studio being built out – hopefully I can visit the next time I’m in SF and I’ll tell you about it then.

Thanks to Matt for letting me poke around the studio and take photos, and for showing me his incredible work. His website can be found at

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Next week, I’m really excited to share some new client/commissioned work here – I’ve been busy behind the scenes. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend ahead.