the blue hour

Portraits for YCN Magazine

















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A couple of months ago, YCN Magazine in London commissioned me to photograph 4 NY-based creative individuals for their Winter issue, which was just published. The story is about these 4 individuals and a pursuit or interest that is not directly related to their main work, but informs their creativity in some way.

From top to bottom:
I photographed Leanne Shapton, artist & author of “Swimming Studies” (and other books), on her way back from a daily swim at the YMCA. I photographed Morgan Collett and his surfboards; Morgan is a co-founder of the surf shop Saturdays NYC in Soho. I also photographed Richard Turley, the incredibly brilliant creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, who likes to go for a daily walk to clear his head and brainstorm new ideas. And finally, I photographed Craig Ward, an art director & typographer, who documents the utilitarian designs of NYC manhole covers.

This was such a great assignment and allowed me to meet and chat with 4 very interesting people whose work I admired. Thanks to Alex Hunting & team for this opportunity.