the blue hour

Out and About, April & May






















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The past few months have been full & busy with work and travel. After almost 3 weeks in London in January, I was in Canada in early February, and then a week in Mexico. In April, I flew to Austin for a weekend with friends, and directly to the mountains of North Carolina for a week-long shoot. After that, it was a trip to Salt Lake City for a shoot there, and then a big shoot in NYC for Matter–Made (more about all of this soon). In May, I spent a few days in Maine and then I traveled to the UK for 2+ weeks for a shoot there. And exactly 2 weeks ago, I was in Germany for a quick shoot.


All of this travel is very cool (it is also very exhausting). I brought my point-and-shoot camera with me on these adventures, taking snaps along the way. Above, I’m posting some of those photos and I have more to share this week. I’m finally back at home for the next few weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Stay tuned for more posts, some links, and hopefully some new music.

Summer is here; I’m feeling good.