the blue hour

Donald Judd’s 101 Spring St. Home & Studio

. . . . .

Last week, the Judd Foundation invited a group of photographers, designers & architects to visit Donald Judd’s 101 Spring Street home & studio for a special tour. I had toured 101 Spring Street after it opened in the summer of 2014, but there is usually a very strict ‘no photography’ policy (which was minor torture for me at the time).

But during last week’s special tour, I could photograph anything and everything inside Judd’s epic New York City space.


Above, some film snaps from my visit. Again, I was struck by the ways in which Judd’s work & his domestic life each influenced the other.

Learn more about 101 Spring Street and Judd’s work HERE.

(Huge thanks to Elizabeth Abrahamson & the Judd Foundation for the invitation)