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Wynton Marsalis’ Favorite Things for WSJ. Mag

February 15, 2016



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I had the pleasure of photographing jazz great Wynton Marsalis’ favorite things for the March issue of WSJ. Magazine.

I was psyched to meet Mr. Marsalis briefly during the shoot, as well as his son Jasper (who painted the small painting above).

The second photo above is a closer view of the trumpet. It was a gift from his trumpet maker, Dave Monette, in the early 90s. It seriously weights about 8 pounds – it’s pretty amazing. Etched in the center you can see “PROF. MARSALIS”.

You can see the magazine tearsheet here.

(Photo editor: Jennifer Pastore)

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  1. Gracefully Global permalink
    February 15, 2016 9:21 pm

    Beautiful photos.

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