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Do you shoot digital or film? What kind of camera(s) and film do you use?

Most of the time, I shoot film. I also shoot digitally for certain clients or projects when it makes sense.

In terms of the equipment I use – I shoot with some medium format cameras, a little film point-and-shoot, and an SLR. To be honest, I don’t think the brand or camera model matters – it’s not helpful to focus on equipment. You can take a great photo with an old iPhone, if it works for you and that’s what you have.

Film type: I most often shoot with Kodak Portra 400 or 160, and Kodak 400TX for black & white.

How do you get your film developed and online?

I have my film developed at a local lab, where the negatives are scanned directly to a CD for me. I also scan some negatives myself using my own Epson V700 scanner or an Imacon scanner (mostly for high-res images for clients or projects).

In NYC, my preferred lab is Bleecker St. Photo or LTI, but I use other labs from time to time if needed.  

Can I post your photos on my blog/tumblr/website?

All of my photos that are posted on my blog are protected by copyright. Please contact me first for permission before you post or use any of my photographs.

As a general rule, I am happy to give permission to post a couple of my photos if you’d like to promote my blog or my work. However, I ask that you give me credit (full name + a link back to my website) wherever the pictures are posted. I do not allow people to use my photos for blog headers, user icons, or for commercial purposes without payment. If I give you permission to post my photos, please do not change anything about them (no cropping, etc).

I spend a lot of time and money to take photos to share here on my blog. Therefore, I’m not comfortable with people taking a bunch of my images and re-posting them on their own personal websites & blogs to illustrate unrelated posts. My photos are meant to be seen on my own blog. Thanks for understanding.

(But if you are interested in a commercial project, licensing my photos, and so on – please contact me to discuss).

Can I advertise on your blog?

No, this is an ad-free blog.

Do you sell prints of your photos?

Right now, I’m not selling prints directly.

I am visiting [insert city name here] soon. I know you have visited this city before … can you give me a list of recommendations?

If there is a particular place that I really enjoyed when I visited, I usually write about it on my blog – so you can search the archives. Otherwise, I think Google and travel guides are your best bet.

I am visiting London soon. Can you give me a list of recommendations?

Sure – here is a short list of some of my favorite spots in London.

Food + Drink:
+ St. John (either the main Smithfield location or St. John Bread & Wine near Spitalfields) – possibly my favorite place in London
+ La Fromagerie (Marylebone)
+ Ottolenghi (I prefer the Islington location)
+ Trullo (Highbury/Islington)
+ Rochelle School Canteen (Shoreditch) – open on weekdays for lunch from 12-3
+ 32 Great Queen Street (Covent Garden)
+ The Bull & Last (Highgate, North London) – the best fish & chips I’ve had in London
+ Andrew Edmunds (Soho)
+ Towpath Café (Dalston – on Regent’s Canal) – breakfast & lunch, closed during the winter, this is a great spot from Lori de Mori and Jason Lowe
+ Violet (London Fields, East London)
+ Leila’s Shop (Shoreditch) – a small shop selling groceries & beautiful fruit & veg, with a great café attached
+ Fernandez & Wells (3 locations in Soho)
+ The Southampton Arms (Kentish Town) – my favorite pub in London
+ Prufrock Coffee
+ Dose Espresso
+ The Draper’s Arms (Islington) – excellent pub & food in a really nice space
+ Ducksoup (Soho) – a newer favorite of mine, incredible food in a small but comfortable space (with a great record collection, too)

+ Albam
+ Oliver Spencer
+ Folk
+ Margaret Howell
+ Artwoods Books (Shoreditch)
+ The Vintage Showroom (Covent Garden/Seven Dials)
+ Labour & Wait (Shoreditch)
+ Jasper Morrison Shop (open weekdays only) (Shoreditch)

To Do:
+ A walk in Hampstead Heath is incredible, but Regent’s Park is also nice (and more centrally located)
+ Spa Terminus on Saturday mornings for a coffee, a doughnut, and the market
+ The V&A, the Tate Modern, and White Cube gallery are great for art

. . . . . . . .

If your question isn’t answered here, please send me an email at brianwferry [at] gmail [dot] com.