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Do you shoot digital or film? What kind of camera(s) and film do you use?

Most of the time, I shoot film. I also shoot digitally for certain clients or projects when it makes sense.

In terms of the equipment I use – I shoot with some medium format cameras, a little film point-and-shoot, and an SLR. To be honest, I don’t think the brand or camera model matters – it’s not helpful to focus on equipment. You can take a great photo with an old iPhone, if it works for you and that’s what you have.

Film type: I most often shoot with Kodak Portra 400 or 160, and Kodak 400TX for black & white.

How do you get your film developed and online?

I have my film developed at a local lab, where the negatives are scanned directly to a CD for me. The images are then ready to be posted on my blog.  I also scan some negatives myself using my own Epson V700 scanner or an Imacon scanner (mostly for high-res images for clients or projects).

In NYC, my preferred lab is Bleecker St. Photo or LTI, but I use other labs from time to time if needed.  

Can I post your photos on my blog/tumblr/website?

All of my photos that are posted on my blog are protected by copyright. Please contact me first for permission before you post or use any of my photographs.

As a general rule, I am happy to give permission to post a couple of my photos if you’d like to promote my blog or my work. However, I ask that you give me credit (full name + a link back to my website) wherever the pictures are posted. I do not allow people to use my photos for blog headers, user icons, or for commercial purposes without payment. If I give you permission to post my photos, please do not change anything about them (no cropping, etc).

I spend a lot of time and money to take photos to share here on my blog. Therefore, I’m not comfortable with people taking a bunch of my images and re-posting them on their own personal websites & blogs to illustrate unrelated posts. My photos are meant to be seen on my own blog. Thanks for understanding.

(But if you are interested in a commercial project, licensing my photos, and so on – please contact me to discuss).

Can I advertise on your blog?

No, this is an ad-free blog.

Do you sell prints of your photos?

Right now, I’m not selling prints directly.

I wrote you an email and it’s taking a long time to get a response. Do you answer emails?

I do – and thank you for getting in touch. I get a lot of emails and I try to keep up with them, but it’s pretty difficult. Thanks for your patience.

I am visiting [insert city name here] soon. I know you have visited this city before … can you give me a list of recommendations?

If there is a particular place that I really enjoyed when I visited, I usually write about it on my blog – so you can search the archives. Otherwise, I think Google and travel guides are your best bet.

What blog theme are you using, and how did you customize it?

My friend Jamie Dwyer customized the Vigilance theme on WordPress (thanks, Jamie). I can’t answer specific questions about layout, etc. – that’s not my area of expertise and I’m indebted to Jamie for his help.

I am visiting London soon. Can you give me a list of recommendations?

Sure – here is a short list of some of my favorite spots in London.

Food + Drink:
+ St. John (either the main Smithfield location or St. John Bread & Wine near Spitalfields) – possibly my favorite place in London
+ La Fromagerie (Marylebone)
+ Ottolenghi (I prefer the Islington location)
+ Trullo (Highbury/Islington)
+ Rochelle School Canteen (Shoreditch) – open on weekdays for lunch from 12-3
+ 32 Great Queen Street (Covent Garden)
+ The Bull & Last (Highgate, North London) – the best fish & chips I’ve had in London
+ Andrew Edmunds (Soho)
+ Towpath Café (Dalston – on Regent’s Canal) – breakfast & lunch, closed during the winter, this is a great spot from Lori de Mori and Jason Lowe, one of my favorite photographers
+ Violet (London Fields, East London)
+ Soif (Battersea, South London)
+ Railroad (Hackney) – wonderful cafe owned by the talented Lizzie Parle and Matt Doran -I took some photos at this spot, see them here
+ Leila’s Shop (Shoreditch) – a small shop selling groceries & beautiful fruit & veg, with a great café attached
+ Fernandez & Wells (3 locations in Soho)
+ The Southampton Arms (Kentish Town) – my favorite pub in London
+ Prufrock Coffee
+ Dose Espresso
+ The Draper’s Arms (Islington) – excellent pub & food in a really nice space
+ Ducksoup (Soho) – a newer favorite of mine, incredible food in a small but comfortable space (with a great record collection, too!)

+ In general, I like Shoreditch and Lamb’s Conduit Street for shopping
+ Albam
+ Present
+ Oliver Spencer
+ Folk
+ Margaret Howell
+ Artwoods Books (Shoreditch)
+ The Vintage Showroom (Covent Garden/Seven Dials)
+ Labour & Wait (Shoreditch)
+ Jasper Morrison Shop (open weekdays only) (Shoreditch)

To Do:
+ A walk in Hampstead Heath is incredible, but Regent’s Park is also nice (and more centrally located)
+ Spa Terminus on Saturday mornings for a coffee, a doughnut, and the market
+ The V&A, the Tate Modern, and White Cube gallery are great for art

. . . . . . . .

If your question isn’t answered here, please send me an email at brianwferry [at] gmail [dot] com.


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